• Installing meep and parallel meep. Meep is in the software trunk for Ubuntu.
    sudo apt-get install meep
    sudo apt-get install meep-openmpi
  • Running Parallel Meep:
    mpirun -np 16 meep-mpi splitter.ctl > splitter.out
    ; runs meep-mpi in 16 processors [input.ctl > output.out]
  • Running Serial Meep:
    meep znonw_glass.ctl >& znonw_glass.out
  • Exporting Image with Epsilon Overlay
    h5topng -S4 -Zc dkbluered -a gray:0.5 -A eps-000000.00.h5 ez*.h5
    ; scales 4 times used dkblured color scheme, places overlay gray with 50% opacity
  • Exproting 330 images:
    h5topng -t 0:329 -R -Zc dkbluered -a yarg -A trans-eps-000000.00.h5 trans-ez.h5
  • Exporting 2D slices from 3D Structure
    h5topng -S4 -0 -x 0 eps-000000.00.h5 ; yz plane
    h5topng -S4 -0 -z 0 eps-000000.00.h5 ; xy plane
  • At every .6 outputs pngs
    (run-until 200 (at-every 0.6 (output-png Ez “-Zc bluered”)))
  • Using grep to get flux data out
    grep flux1: ito1_glass.out > ito1_glass.dat
  • Export vtk files
    h5tovtk -t 150 -o test.vtk -d ey test-e.h5
  • Creating movie from bunch of .png files
    mencoder mf://*.png -mf w=800:h=600:fps=4:type=png -ovc copy -oac copy -o output.avi
    ; you will need mencoder [sudo apt-get install mencoder]

Last modified: 2017-07-19