Glass transition temperature (\textit{T}g) for polystyrene is 94$^\circ$ C.
  • If you’re writing supplementary information using Revtex, you may need to change Figure captions - Figure 1 to Figure S1 or Supplementary Figure 1

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\addto\captionsenglish{\renewcommand{\figurename}{Supplementary  Figure}}
  • Latex to word. – Sometimes, even if you really love LaTeX, you would need to create word files for co-workers or for editing purposes. I used LaTeX to RTF converter, which worked quite well. Although it will not give you a perfect conversion, the generated files are pretty workable. The settings I used are shown below. Usually, the figures are added as links rather than embedded in the word file. Also, if you’re using the article class with twocolumn enabled – disable that, and provide a single column file for conversion (two columns didn’t work for me).

latex_to_word_1 latex_to_word_2 latex_to_word_3

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