In the summer of 2017, I switched from WordPress to Jekyll. Wordpress was working great - the only problem is copying the whole site from one domain to another. Jekyll files can be copied over to a new site easily. Also, the BibTeX integration is awesome.

Here’s the workflow I use: I locally build the site, then upload it to the server. At first, I was using GitHub pages, now I upload files to the Berkeley EECS server. The site is now live at


  • Edit files, then from windows bash run jekyll serve to watch site at I previously had issues in windows, if you have the same try this: jekyll serve --force_polling
  • Once done, do jekyll build
  • If you’re using GitHub pages: from git bash git add -A, git commit -m "comment", and finally git push origin master
    • Source files are in the sources branch. Site is at the master branch
  • If you’re using a server: scp -r _site/*

Last modified: 2017-12-31