My lab will be working on sensors and systems for precision health and psychiatry. We will be affiliated with Viterbi School of Engineering, Keck School of Medicine, and the Institute for Technology and Medical Systems (ITEMS). My vision is to make medical devices accessible to everyone. I cannot thank enough my mentors (Prof. Zhenan Bao at Stanford, Prof. Ana Claudia Arias at Berkeley), my better half Sifat Sharmeen Muin, my family and friends, and all the well-wishers. The last eight years in the Bay Area have been an absolute delight, and now, looking forward to the exciting new start in sunny Southern California.

Prospective students and postdocs: If you want to work on exciting bioelectronics and medical devices at the intersection of engineering and medicine, please feel free to reach out to me. I am looking for candidates with experience and interests in additive manufacturing, flexible and stretchable electronics, bioelectronics, sensors, embedded systems, and hardware AI.